“This novel inhaler has a potential to be a game changer.”

Dr. Don Cockroft

World-renowned respirologist, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

“The Hitaa Med-Tech start-up initiative, involving key experts in the field, will create a unique collaboration between SME’s, researchers and community participants. Dutch pulmonologists are pleased to participate as a Knowledge User for the ‘Novel Inhaler is a Reusable, and Long-lasting Inhaler’.”

Dr. Els JM Weersink

Department of Respiratory Diseases, Amsterdam UMC, The Netherlands, Board member SAB and RAPSODI, Member NRS and Longfonds, The Netherlands

“The novel inhaler would be a game changer in not only providing affordable care in the treatment of respiratory diseases but also aiding in the combat against climate change by providing a reusable inhaler and in turn reducing plastic and chemical pollution. There is an urgent need to develop a cost-friendly inhaler product to provide equitable care for vulnerable populations and address the shortages of inhalers exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

– ERS –

European Respiratory Society